Looking for a better way of managing your pet's mess?

Dundies® pet nappies are the most economical & environmentally friendly hygiene system globally.

ECO Friendly

Dundies are not only environmentally friendly but economical.

Australian Made

All our fabrics are sourced within Australia to limit our companies footprint. 

Quality Control

Being aussie made we see the whole story from first thread to final nappy. 

Dundies® Deal With The Mess

Poo, wee and blood from heat can make a big mess inside! With an increasing pet population more and more people are bringing their pets inside and integrating them into their families.  We don’t want to kick our pets outside when they make mess, we want to keep them close! Dundies® helps this make this possible, saving your sanity and your sofa, which means less cleaning, and more cuddling! 

Senior Pets

We don’t kick grandma outside or put her to sleep as her bladder becomes slightly less reliable with age. We nip down to the store and pick up some Depends. 

Dundies® are the depends of the dog world, creating a solution for animal urinary incontinence. Our revolutionary hygiene system keeps senior and incontinent pets with their families longer, with the most superior comfort and reliable leak proof protection.   


Female dogs come onto season if they are not desexed. Many owners are forced to alienate their dog on heat outside to prevent blood from making a mess in the home. 

Dundies® know that we need to keep these sensitive pets close and comfort them through their bleeding. Keeping pets closer inside gives you the opportunity to watch them more closely to ensure no unwanted litters.  

Special Needs and Rehabilitated Pets

With a more caring community we are seeing more people opt for surgery when pets suffer IVDD or other spinal traumas resulting in incontinence. Dundies® helps support these owners of special needs pets by providing a simple and economical solution to pet hygiene care.  

Unwanted Marking & More


Dundies® can be used as a training tool to deter pets from marking inside. They can also help protect your car from accidents and be used in toilet training. There is really no limit to what you can use your Dundies® for. 

Introducing Dundies!

Most disposable pet nappies are not only filled with chemicals, but are destine to say on earth for up to 500 years in landfill before they break down. That’s 50x your pets life time!

At Dundies we know cloth is not only the better choice for our earth, but also the comfort of your pet, so that’s why we make sure our animal hygiene system is so easy to use!

How to get started with Dundies

Follow our easy 4 steps to find the perfect solution for your pet.


Find out the best style for your pet with our style guide.



Pick a pattern that best matches your pet’s swag.


Place your order and we will handle the rest!

Customers reviews

"  4 days of wearing @dundies_aus and we have nothing but great things to say. Khoda is wearing them for heat purposes and not incontinence.

Khoda has been able to be inside with no issues of a night and during the day. She has also been on car rides and her fur dad has been able even use it with ease. It is the perfect fit around the legs and waist with the elastic and adjustable velcro.

We have had no leakage from the tail slit and we have washed it daily and it is still in perfect condition!  "
Satisfied Insta Customer
So happy to be part of the Dundies Revolution! The quality of the snappies is out of this world, so easy to keep clean and the patterns and designs are just gorgeous. My favourite part is definitely the bamboo cotton liners, that are easily washable and safe for my dog. Everything about Dundies is amazing, eco friendly, safe for the dogs and easy to maintain and of course, Australian made and sourced. Highly recommend Dundies, they are an amazing company to be part of!
" Ci ci the sausage dog loves her new Dundies! After months of trying to be cost efficient in buying human baby nappies for her, it was so hard when they leak crystals and cause bad rashes around the legs. Now that she has dundies it has made a world of a difference! The dundies fabric is so gentle and absorbent, her rashes have visibly reduced. Not to mention how amazing she looks in all of the beautiful styles!!

With her having no use of her back legs, we were worried she would find it hard to slide around Properly in pants. but her new dundies are so flexible and secure really well, we never have to worry about them coming off or being difficult to move around it. So happy we found this product, Can’t wait to buy all of the new prints and styles! "

Never Again!

‘Wee on the couch’

‘Being sent outside all alone’

‘Cleaning or replacing expensive carpet’

Give your dogs bum some love

Less mess more cuddles!

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