More Cuddles - Less Mess​

Premium reusable dog nappies that protect your pet and your home​

More Cuddles - Less Mess​

Premium reusable dog nappies that protect your pet and your home​

The Dundies Difference

Our premium reusable dog nappies have been developed in consultation with vets and leading pet health and medical professionals, to be…

Four times more absorbent.

Easy to wash and reuse.

Designed to fit any dog without bulk nor leaks.

Naturally antibacterial.

Australian Made.

Why use a dog nappy?

1. Senior Pets

As pets get older, they can start to experience urinary incontinence – something that can spell disaster for your home.

With Dundies, you won’t have to banish them outside!

Our revolutionary hygiene system keeps senior and incontinent pets with their families longer, with the most superior comfort and reliable leak proof protection.

2. Female Pets in Season

Female dogs come into season when not de-sexed – and that can make an awful mess inside your household.

Support your sensitive pet and protect your home with a nappy that will keep everyone comfortable.

Say goodbye to mess, smells and stains.

3. Pets with Medical Conditions or Injuries

When you find yourself with a pet who’s sustained an injury or been diagnosed with a medical condition that causes incontinence, it can feel like your options are limited.

After all, you love your pet, but you also need to protect your valuable home from damage and mess.

With Dundies, our nappies can help you keep your beloved pet safe and sound for longer, without destroying your carpets or flooring.

4. Male Dogs Who Mark

If you have a male dog who isn’t de-sexed, chances are, they’ll be marking their territory left, right and centre – including inside your home.

Our male-specific and very clever Belly Bands are perfect, allowing you to bring your dog inside without the constant cleaning.

5. Travel Anxiety

Some dogs just aren’t great travellers. Being in the car can make them incredibly anxious – leading to messy accidents.

Whether it’s the occasional trip to the vet, a weekly outing to ‘doggie day care’ or going away on holidays, our Dundies products will protect your car while still allowing your pet to travel with you, when needed.

Watch our video to learn more about Dundies...

Dundies = Absorbent + Antibacterial + Breathable.

How to get started with Dundies

Follow our easy 4 steps to find the perfect solution for your pet.

Step 1

Find out the best style with our style guide.

Step 2

Measure your pet with our perfect fit guide and video.

Step 3

Pick a pattern that matches your pets personality.

Step 4

Place your order and we’ll do the rest!

Not just for dogs

Our unique Dundies products can also be used for a range of other animals, who need to come inside.


Our pet nappy products work just as well for cats, as they do for dogs. Perfect for taking care of those senior felines or those with special needs.

Sheep & Goats

While livestock may not be commonplace inside the house – there are times when it’s necessary, particularly if they’re newborns, sick or injured. Dundies can help here too!

Other animals

Who says you can’t have a different type of pet inside? Maybe you’re a wildlife carer, or you’ve rescued an animal that’s been hurt. We embrace the welfare of all pets and animals – and chances are, our products can help.

Post-Surgical Care

Sometimes, our pets just need a little bit of temporary extra TLC.

Particularly, if they’re recovering from any type of surgery.

It could be routine de-sexing or something a little more extensive.

Either way, you’ll gain greater peace of mind by having your recovering pet inside with you and far less mess (and stress!).

What our customers say

they are fantastic for aged, incontinence, when on heat, and they are sustainable and 100% Aussie made and owend
Oh my gosh! We ordered the new puppy pads because we were sick of buying and throwing out conventional ones and adding to landfill. These are great! Nice and large, with no way of them being torn apart by sharp puppy teeth/nails. Plus they hold so much more liquid then the pet store disposables. Super friendly staff, quick delivery and AUSSIE MADE!

Also for when we take Sabi (assistance dog) on flights or during long stay hospital admitions it's so much better!
10/10 for quality of product and customer service. Can’t go wrong
Can't go past Dundies. SUCH good quality. Nothing beats Aussie made small biz!
Dundies worked so well for our puppy after her surgery as she had some incontinence issues. Also going to use when she comes on heat. Happy with the service & quality. It’s awesome to get a locally made Aussie product.
Dundies have been a game changer for our girl Miss Wiggles. We no longer have to wash blankets every day and she sleeps comfortably through the night. I have since purchased another so I can alternate. Fabulous product.
my dogs used from the moment they hit the floor. no leaks and no more disposable mats. thank you a great Aussie product
Our senior dog can now sleep back on our bed, thanks to Dundies! Fantastic products, love that they are reusable
Amy Kyme
Fantastic product . Would highly recommend .
Love Dundies and their efforts to support local wildlife rescues. Great company!
James Persson
I loved the Dundies and so did Monaco! She was comfortable and sleeping in her normal crazy positions. Worth every sent and super easy to change and wash with the changeable inserts. Emily was super accomodating and friendly as I needed to collect this asap. Thank you!
Unfortunately my little man has a little bit of a problem with excitement peeing which has limited his inside time..... now he spends so much time inside thanks to his belly Dundies!!!!!!
Holy Moly, I ordered yesterday and it arrived today. Awesome service. First time wearing diapers so fingers crossed my fur baby is okay with them on. Only night use atm. Thanks for the extremely quick postage x
Super fast delivery, easy communication.By far the best product made with love. The quality is so good. Highly recommended
Samantha McDonald
Love love love!! My female French Bulldog has IVDD and as a result suffers bladder infections and incontinence. She now wears the all in one nappy when needed and has not had any of the issues associated with wearing a disposable nappy (rashes, chaffing, staying wet all day). These fit her fantastically and the absorbency in the fabric means she stays dryer for longer. Thanks Dundies 💛
Pierre Brando
Dundies are an amazing product. Extremely effective and versatile with the added bonus that really speaks to me being the fact the product is so environmentally conscious. couldn't recommend it more highly.
Such an amazing product, 100%!!! made by an incredible person to the highest quality 🙏🌟
Great Aussie Made Product
Such an amazing small business. Brilliant product’s
absolutely wonderful company Dundies,,, reliable,, quality 100%,,super service and all Australian,, highly recommended,,,
My dog, at 9 years old has become rather stressed at having a "new" bossy puppy in the house And decided marking throughout the house was a great way of attempting to gain back dominance! My hubby thinks this a terrible idea And quite frankly Dundies belly band has saved the life of my gorgeous pup Billy. They look cute and they work (I bought previously another brand and they were Terrible). They are quite simply perfect - easy, clean and cute. My mate gets to continue with his existence because that's how bad the marking was. Thanks Dundies 👍😊
Missy Sothere
Emily is so lovely & provides quality effective products!
Absolutely recommend. Due to medication fur baby is on we are experiencing leakage and some accidents. Was hesitant due to price but once I received my snappie, I am thrilled to bits with quality. The nappie doesn’t slip off, so easy to clean and fur baby seems comfortable in them. Postage was super quick too, ordered on Monday and received on Wednesday. For a once off payment it is well worth it. Thank you Emily and Dundies! Cheers Sandi
Sashleigh Aust
After trying a few different pairs of dog underwear without success and our Girl constantly ripping them off, I decided to give Dundies a try after recommendation. Nala absolutely loves them, they fit great and comfortably for her 😁 we are very very happy with them and highly recommend them!
I’m so glad I found these, they’ve improved our lifestyle during the girls’ heats ten fold. They’re incredible quality and so easy to pop in the wash, hang and then they’re like new again 😍
C Cannon
Amazing products! Fantastic service! Eco friendly products that are perfect for the fur babies!
Where do I even start! Dundies have put my mind at complete ease as our girl comes into her first heat.
• the boxes that they come in are home compostable
• I ordered only yesterday and received today
• The best material! They fit perfectly and are so easy to clean
• Australian made and so much thought and effort have gone into these
• Emily is so so so helpful! She was so patient with me as I tried to work out what would be suitable for my girl
The best product on the market - absolutely love our Dundies ✨
The belly band is great for my older boy who is showing signs in incontinence, he can now sleep on the bed with us again!
I have a senior bulldog who has little accidents during the night unfortunately when I am at work and it has always meant a lot of washing to do first thing in the morning when I get home from work . I got the first pair of dundies 2 days ago and No Wet Bedding to wash OMG what a relief . I am no longer having to do a heap of washing before sleep and little miss Boogie is dry and very cute . Thank you dundies. 💖🐾
I have been buying Dundies Reusable pet nappies since Dundies launched for my Incontinent bulldog and “wow!” what a change it has made to my life, from the no mess solution to the easy washing. It has definitely made both mine and my bulldogs life much better. It really is, “Less Cleaning more cuddling” I love how I can choose a variety of styles and colours, very trendy to say the least. I will be letting all my friends and family know about this product! Well Done Dundies! Very happy customer!
Joshua Morgan
Dundies went above and beyond to help me with my pets issues. Emily is always super understandable and professional.
These pet nappies are the best on the market!
So many things to love about this local business. The snappie and reusable bamboo liners are high quality and super absorbent. I love the eco-friendly packaging and scented dog-safe nappy powder too.My old girl was having accidents in the house. It's so much easier to wash a nappy rather than the floor constantly. She wears her stylish snappie with the suspenders which keeps them on comfortably. Emily provided above and beyond customer service. Dundees are worth the investment!
Mel Matthews
Amazing product, life changing for you and your pet! Would recommend to anyone! 🙂
Amazing little business run by an even amazing woman. The work you out in to bring this great idea to life is truly a feat. Well done ! Wish I had a dog haha
I absolutely LOVE Dundies! Brought a snappie for my 2.5 year old for his desexing and it has made it so much easier and stress-free.
These are amazing and I highly reccomend! Worth the money, Emily (owner) is absolutely amazing she is so helpful and supportive I cannot thank her enough.
I wish I knew about these before my other fur baby had his surgery couple months ago! But at least now I know and will be passing word around!
Just a cute shot I took of my baby rocking his 'pineapple' snappie 😍
Can absolutely recommend this product. Superbly made and has been lifechanging as I have a male dog which has refused to housetrain. The belly band has worked a treat and he is more than happy to wear it. Other belly bands have been a complete waste of money. Thank God for Dundies!
Tracey Coulter
just love this company and its designs.
These are amazing quality and will help my old boy with his incontinence.
Our girl will show hers off when she is on heat.
Love how easy they are to use and wash.
My 8 year old can even put them on the dogs when needed so easy 🥰
Very high quality product and has been a life changer for our boy. Environmentally friendly is a huge factor too. Highly recommend Emily and Dundies. thank you!
Kate Boffey
Very high quality product and environmentally friendly. Best on the market. Emily is great to deal with. We highly recommend Dundies and will be a repeat customer. thank you!
highly recommended .A great product
Our little girl has just gone into heat for the first time and Dundies took all the worry and hassle out of a stressful situation. So quick and easy to use, fast to change and easy to clean. 100% recommend this product.
kerryl martin
Great service and worked amazing when toilet training a stubborn dachshund. Highly recommend.
Katrina Ellen
So many things to love about this great local business. The snappie and reusable bamboo liners are high quality and super absorbent. I love the eco-friendly packaging and scented dog-safe nappy powder too.
My old girl was having accidents in the house - its much easier to wash a nappy rather than the floor constantly. She wears her snappie with the suspenders which keeps them on comfortably. And she looks super cute 💕
Emily provided above and beyond customer service. Dundees are well worth the investment!
Awesome Aussie business with amazing products!
A brilliant concept by a genuinely thoughtful founder. Dundies are a fantastic eco friendly option for our furbabies.
love the mats. great quality and wash well. our dog Izzy like them too
Amazing quality and cute designs that prevent all the mess of a female on heat within your house. Reusable, easily washable and safe for the environment.
Stacie Palmer
Highly recommended, great to deal with & a wide range of quality products.
Absolutely love and recommend to everyone willing to try 💕
I love supporting Australian companies. Especially ones that help the environment reusable nappies and puppy pads saves so much landfill and plastic!
thank you Dundies for caring about the environment.
Amazing products and brand. Would highly recommend.
Amazing quality and the best customer service I have ever experienced. Not 1 but 2 of my packages of dundies got lost in the post and Emily was only too happy to remake the custom order and resend them at no extra cost. Not only that, we were sent a free wet bag and face mask to make up for the wait. Not expected but much appreciated. My bullie who has been incontinent since desexing at 6 months can finally join the family on the carpet and soft furnishing again. We will be ordering again! Thank you!!
amazing work, great patterns and generally awesome and super practical dog undies for the puppas that need that extra support
Just had our girl desexed and instead of the hassle of the dreaded cone of shame we invested in a belly band. Even though they are actually meant for male dogs for incontinence they are perfect for this situation. Absolutely amazing, soft, comfortable, super easy to use and not to mention very stylish 😍. 100% stops any licking or chewing at the surgery site. Highly recommend for any female being desexed. Also helps keep the wound site clean and dry. WIN WIN WIN
such a fantastic product. Great value.
Awesome company and awesome products 👏
The best invention to give furry friends a new lease on life
Oh my gosh! We ordered the new puppy pads because we were sick of buying and throwing out conventional ones and adding to landfill. These are great! Nice and large, with no way of them being torn apart by sharp puppy teeth/nails. Plus they hold so much more liquid then the pet store disposables. Super friendly staff, quick delivery and AUSSIE MADE! Also for when we take Sabi (assistance dog) on flights or during long stay hospital admitions it's so much better!
Bark, Meow and the Depressed
Just brought our first pair of Dundies for Gracie, not only do they look fabulous the must be super comfy cause she’s happy to wear them. Win win all round.
Thank you Emily we will be back
Dundies have been amazing help with both my senior dog and my puppy. Couldn't recommend them highly enough!
Meg Jackson

Our Story

Sophie is a bulldog pup who, diagnosed with Spina Bifida (and therefore urinary and bowel incontinence) needed a little help.

I’m just a girl, who fell in love with a dog – but couldn’t bear the thought of banishing her to spend her life outside.

The result was a unique and innovative pet nappy to solve a big problem.

Read the whole story >


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The best nappy for a male dog is a belly band. This wraps around the penis of the dog and is ideal for urinary incontinence or marking. 

If you male dog suffers incontinence of the bowel, you will also need to use a fully nappy. We recommend the all in one for fecal incontinence. 

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