Dundies all started with me, Emily, and my little dog Sophie. She is a bulldog that I rescued at 6 weeks old from scheduled euthanasia. Sophie has Spina Bifida and is incontinent of both urine and bowels but she is fully mobile. She has grown into an active and bubbly pup but she needed to wear a nappy when inside. 

When Sophie was seven weeks old I made the first Dundies prototype, although then, I didn’t know that the one little nappy I made her would one day turn into a brand. Soon after sharing the photo to Sophies instagram I had people messaging me asking to make them for their pets. I went away and developed a pattern, then came up with all the sizes. I extensively tested fabrics and worked in conjunction with our vet to find the perfect combination and develop a care standard. This was over twelve months of hard work and after that Dundies was born! 

But why, there are other pet nappies out there? All the pet nappies I tried, disposable, reusable and even baby nappies just didn’t cut it. They leaked, they caused rashes, were made from poor quality materials that were making her life and her health suffer! That’s why we work with only the best materials at Dundies including organic bamboo which helps reduce odor with its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

After witnessing ammonia burns, prolapse from infection, rash upon rash and nowhere to turn to for proper support I was exhausted. I thought my only next step for Sophie would be putting her to sleep after all this hard work. I couldn’t let her suffer. But I am a determined person, I needed to find a solution, a nappy that worked, a care model that worked and most importantly I NEEDED TO SHARE IT! I needed to help other pet owners help their pets. When I finally cracked it, the way to prevent rashes and infections, the correct materials to use, I was so excited. That solution is Dundies and our FAP and CCC care principles. And that is a bit about us! We help keep the cuddles coming with less cleaning. We strive to help pet owners achieve happiness with their pets and help to increase pets quality of life. 

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