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Dundies Pet Nappy Powder

Size Guide
Pet Nappy Sizing Guide



Don’t have a measuring tape? Download our free printable Dundies measuring tapes. 


Never guess your dog’s size, always measure. Most incorrect sizing comes from people guessing their dogs size, and their Dundies end up being too small.  If you need assistance with sizing please contact us, we are always more than happy to help. You may find the gallery at the bottom of this page helpful in seeing various dogs in their correctly sized Dundies. You can also see a visual and download our FREE PRINTABLE tape measures that are pre sized, taking the hassle out of calculating numbers. 

Waist Measurement  

This measurement indicates the length of the straps that go around your pet’s belly.  

Measure the waist of the pet. This is the orange line on our size chart below. Waist Measurements are also indicated on the FREE printable tape measures. 

Belly To Back Measurement 

This measurement determines how far up the nappy will sit on our pets back. If your pet is between sizes, preference this size! Always size up.  

This is the green line on the size chart. For more help with this measurement please see our Youtube video. Begin this measurement at the top of your pets back, where the waist measurement was taken, around their rump and in between their legs meeting back up at the waist point under the belly. 

Custom Sizes 

Have a pet outside of our size chart? Email or call us and we can custom create a nappy for you. 

If your dog, cat, lamb, goat etc doesn’t fit within our size chart, reach out and we can arrange a custom sized pair of Dundies. **No returns on custom nappies.** 

Select Size

Make your size selection based off your measurements. If you need help please visit the Dundies Size Support Centre where we can help you choose the perfect size nappy. 



Free Printable Tape Measures

Click on the buttons above the size chart to download the correct tape measure. There is a different tape measure for the nappies compared to the belly bands.

Open the PDF and print it at 100%.

Cut out your Dundies tape measure and tape it together.   

Measure your pet using the steps above. Waist for the belly bands and Waist and Belly to Back for the nappies. 

Use the handy key at the bottom of the page to write down your pets size. If your pets measurements fall between two sizes, always go with the bigger size. Dundies have full adjustability so you can always make them tighter around the waist, but you can’t make them longer! \

If you are ever in doubt, reach out! Were here via email, phone, facebook and instagram to help! 



  • Eco friendly & Vegan
  • Australian made
  • Pet Safe
  • Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-Inflammatory
  • 100% Compostable Packaging

Less Cleaning, More Cuddling. 

Dundies® Pet Nappy Powder is the only formulated pet friendly powder on the market. Dundies Nappy powder is a better alternative to baby powder because it's designed with your pet in mind! Unlike baby powder, it is safe if ingested by your pet, and it's formulated specifically to their needs with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

 The Original, Tried & Tested .

Dundies® pet nappy powder is 100% Australian owned and made. We partnered with the amazing team at Bella Maree Pet, combined our knowledge and their exceptional quality in pet health products, and brought to the market a game changer in pet care! Dogs, Cats, Goats, be it any pet in a nappy or diaper, nappy rash happens! Unlike traditional baby powder, we have formulated our product to get to work preventing rashes and providing properties that may help treat rashes if they occur on our furry friends.

Reviewed by one of our product testers who gives the powder 5/5 for texture, smell and wearability.

"Remy has been wearing diapers / nappies a lot due to her bladder issues and I have definitely seen that this works well. It doesn't clump the moisture like other baby powders on the surface of the nappy. Love the smell!"

The MagicIngredients. 

Dundies nappy powder by Bella Maree is a cornstarch based nappy powder. It is 100% talcum free. Our antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties come from the addition of natural plant based properties found in aloe vera and geranium.

How It Works. 

Nappy and Diaper Rash is commonly caused by friction. Dundies pet nappy powder helps to reduce the friction that causes nappy rash.

  • Shake the powder directly onto the pet nappy / pet diaper, creating a thin even layer
  • Put the nappy onto the pet
  • Apply in between each nappy / diaper change for best results
  • Excess powder? Dundies nappy powder will dissolve and wash away in your washing machine or when rinsing your pet nappy / diaper.

Product Information.

Dundies® cover it all! Nappy Powder for Pets by Bella Maree is natural, pet safe and calming. The powder is Australian made in Brisbane, Queensland.

Store the nappy powder in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight, always recap the bottle in between uses.

Size: 150g bottle

Packaging: Dundies nappy powder comes in a 100% Recycled cardboard shaker bottle. We are a zero waste company and ensure we are doing all we can to contribute to the betterment of our environment. Recycle or compost the packaging when you are finished with the powder bottle.


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