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Why Use a Dog Pram?

Why Use a Dog Pram?

Why Use a Dog Pram? 

Seeing a dog in a pram may still startle some people but it is becoming more increasingly common in urban areas for people to use pet prams. If you’re strolling the streets in Sydney, moseying through Melbourne or having coffee in Queensland – taking your pet with you is easier with a pram. 

A pet pram, different to a baby pram, is a buggy designed to transport your pets. From dogs to cats, small and large breeds, off road adventures or inner-city cruising there are all different types of prams to suit you and pet’s needs. 

Dundies Duggie Pet Pram

Why Use a Pet Pram? 

If you are out and about for a walk with your dog and see a pet cruising past in a pet pram it might leave you scratching your head thinking why would someone use a pram for their dog. Dog’s love going for walks, why put them in a pram? Pet prams are fantastic for dogs who might be suffering from a variety of ailments or health conditions that prohibit them from walking the distances that they once may have been able to. 

No matter their ailment, our pets still love to get out of the yard and enjoy the world, and if we can make that happen for them then why not! Next time you see a dog in a stroller heading out on an adventure, this could be why the owner is pushing a pram: 

Elderly Dogs 

Those sweet golden oldies! As pets age they tend to slow down and can’t walk as far as they once could. Some owners see a great improvement to their pet’s quality of life and overall happiness when using a pram to take their older dogs on those once cherished long walks and adventures. Combining walking and strolling can help keep your senior dog fit by encouraging the movement that they can do, and helping them out when they get tired. 

Dundies Senior Dog Illustration

Injured Dogs 

From broken bones to rehabilitation from ligament surgery, the recovery process for dogs after surgery usually entails extended crate rest. Like a crate on wheels, owners and pets can find immense joy in using a pram to take their dog out while they recover. Prams are a great way to limit movement while still getting out for your daily exercise as an owner. 

Rescue Dogs and Dogs with Anxiety 

Anxiety can be crippling for some pets, especially rescue dogs who haven’t had social interaction before. Using a pet pram can provide them with a safe space that makes your dog feel comfortable while they work on building up their confidence. 

Medical Conditions 

IVDD, arthritis, Spina Bifida, birth defects and other medical issues that limit a dog’s range of motion or ability to walk can easily be counteracted by using a dog pram! 

Brachiocephalic breeds 

French bulldogs, Pugs, English bulldogs, Boxers and other flat faced breeds can get exhausted very easily while walking or suffer heatstroke. Using a combination of strolling and walking can increase the distance your dogs can walk and extend time out of the house or apartment. If you have multiple dogs who are different breeds and one struggles walking as far as the other, like in the case of brachiocephalic breeds, a pram can be a great asset to have. 


Who doesn’t love a new puppy! As owners we strive to keep them safe. Using a pram for your puppy is a fantastic way to safely socialise them, keeping them off the ground and away from other dogs before they are fully vaccinated. 

Where Can You Use Them? 

If you have a pet pram or are considering one, these are some great places you can use your pram. 


At the vet. Your pet could have anxiety, sometimes prams are easier than carriers or maybe you’re moving a whole litter of puppies. The use of a pet buggy can make vet visits more stress free! 

In Summer

Oh Australia, how we love your warm weather. Summer however can make taking our pets out, especially during the day, challenging. The risks of heat stroke in pets, burnt paw pads and sunburn can all easily be avoided with the use of a pram. Keep your pet cool without having to miss out on midday adventures. Prams like the Dundies Duggie are designed with lots of strong mesh that allow for great airflow in the Australian summer, keeping your pets cool. 

Brachiocephalic Breeds - Dundies Dog Illustration

Crowded areas 

Do you have a favourite pet friendly location that can get really crowded? If you are at a pet market or heading out for a dinner date night to a location like Brisbane’s Eat Street, the risk of your dog getting trampled on, overwhelmed or nipping at people from fear is something no owner would want to subject their fur baby to. Using a pram is the ultimate way to take them out, providing them with all the comforts that they need and protecting them from people or other stressed-out pets. 


Sharing a cappuccino and puppuccino at a café is a loved pastime of so many Aussie pet owners. With lockdowns easing and our pets so use to spending time with us, using a pet pram to take them out to a café is a great way to bond with your pet while keeping them safe as they adjust to café training and socialisation.  

Dundies Pet Pram at Cafe


Taking your pet to work is every dog owner's dream! For those lucky to have pets in the workplace allowances, a pet pram is the perfect mobile home for your pet! Like a crate on wheels, a pram can give your pet a safe place to feel confident in a different environment and you can easily transport them around the office. 

Benefits to Using a Pet Pram 

We have already mentioned some of the benefits of using a pet pram, from increased quality of life to improving the safety of your pet, but did you know there are also benefits to the owner. 

Benefits to the owner 

Some pet owners may have their own mobility issues and can be a little unsteady on their feet. My grandma, for example, uses a pet pram when walking her dog as the pram works as a mobility support aid for her. Without using a pram, she is not able to get out and walk her dog as he tangles his leash up with her walking frame. Having and using a pet pram provides her with the confidence she needs to be active and walk her dog and creates great happiness and bonding time with her pet. 

Using a pram as an owner can also increase your desire to get out and about walking your dog if the task was once challenging. This can increase your overall health as you are getting out for more exercise, boosting your natural serotonin levels – naturally lowering stress and making you happier! Who would have thought using a dog pram could be a conscious health choice for you too! 

Pram Safety 

Using a pram might seem pretty self-explanatory but there are a few key safety features to consider before you head out on your next big adventure. 


Making sure your pet is safely secured in their pram is important. Having a restraint strap such as a tether inside the pram or keeping your pet on a leash while they are in their pram is a must. 

Weight Limits 

Check the pram can support the weight of your pet, or pets if you have more than one in the pram. The Dundies Duggiehas the highest weight capacity of any Australian dog buggy with a 60kg weight limit. Most prams have roughly a 25-30 kg weight limit so always check this feature. 

Dundies Dog Weight Limit

Leaving the pram in the heat 

Just like leaving your pets in a car, don’t leave them in their pram unattended. If your pram doesn’t have ventilation when zipped close, make sure you leave an opening for airflow. Don’t park your pet pram in direct sun with your dog or cat inside. 

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