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Fitting and Using Dundies

Fitting Dundies®

Use the Dundies® Youtube video on nappy / diaper fitting to help visualize the way to put on your pets nappy. 

  1. Open the Dundies® Nappy 
  2. Sit the nappy under the pet, with the long tabs under the belly 
  3. Lift the nappy and put the tail through the tail hole and fit it across the pets back 
  4. Bring the tabs up around the waist and secure the velcro one tab at a time 
  5. Check the fit and make any adjustments  

Care Help The Dundies® Tool Kit 

Dundies® nappies are a medical and hygiene tool for your pet. As such, it is important to maintain proper use to prevent infections. Dundies nappies are made from antibacterial bamboo and breathable fabrics already significantly reducing the risk of infection. We have developed the following two principles here at Dundies® to help you have the best success with your pet nappy experience. 

FAP Prevention Model of Irritation 

F – Stands for FIT. Be sure to follow all the measuring guides to get the best fit for your pet, making sure the nappy is not too tight. 

A – Stands for AERATION. Your pet is not built to wear nappies / diapers full time. We also see this with human babies. It’s why we have barrier creams and encourage ‘nudie time’. You need to provide your pet with a minimum for 3 hours nappy free time each day with ANY nappy system, including disposable and other brands. This prevents ammonia build up which can result in ammonia burn to the pets skin. 

P – Stands for POWDER.  Using a cornstarch based powder such as baby powder free from Talc help prevent friction. This friction reduces nappy/ diaper rash around the pets legs and tail. 

CCC’s Care Principle of Infection 

C – The first C stands for CLEANING. Be sure to clean your pet properly between changes wiping front to back as to not spread faecal matter into the urinary tract. Wiping correctly prevents UTIs.   

C – The second C stands for CHANGING. Change your pet every 2-4 hours or immediately after the pet has soiled the nappy / diaper.  

C – The final C stands for CREAMS. Use a barrier cream like sudocrem on any nappy / diaper rash. This can be purchased at any chemist or grocery store and is safe for pets. If nappy rash results in broken skin, seek advice from your local vet to obtain a medicated cream. Reassess your FAP and CCC principles to make sure your fit and prevention techniques are in place. For more help join our VIP Facebook Group for troubleshooting by clicking here! 

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