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The Dundies Pet Health and Hygiene Solution Keeping Your Home Clean and Your Pet Comfortable

Our mission is to end pre mature euthanasia in pets suffering manageable health conditions.

Dundies are vet recommended
Vet recommended
Dundies 5 star reviews
100s of 5 star reviews
Dundies are 4 times more absorbent than other dog nappies
4X more absorbent
Dundies are super soft
Soft & comfortable
Dundies are eco conscious sustainable products
Eco friendly, Australian made
Dundies are Breathable and naturally antibacterial
Breathable & antibacterial
Certified medical grade materials
Dundies are leakproof and waterproof
Waterproof, leak proof

Why Pet Owners Love Dundies!


The Dundies Difference

When my bulldog puppy Sophie was scheduled for euthanasia at just 6 weeks old, I couldn't be a bystander! She was incontinent, and incontinence shouldn't end a life, especially one that hasn't even started! Sophie is the bum behind the brand here at Dundies and the reason we have over 12 months of research and development behind our pet nappies - if it was not good enough for her, we wouldn't sell it to you!

Dundies About Us - Founder Emily Martin

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Dundies as seen in: Australian Dog Lover Magazine
Dundies as awarded: 2021 Finalist
Dundies as awarded: bronze clean & conscious awards
Dundies as seen in: the Animal Welfare League Queensland Magazine
Dundies as awarded: Semi finalist in women & entrepreneurship + finalist in entrepreneurship 2022 7 news young achiever awards
Dundies as seen in: That's Life magazine
Dundies as seen in: Modern Dog Magazine
Dundies as seen in: F Magazine
Dundies as awarded: most innovative pet hygiene company Australia

If you're a pet owner, chances are you have faced some rather messy situations! From toilet training your new puppy to female dogs in heat, male dogs marking their territory and then sweet senior dogs developing incontinence, mess follows pets at every stage of their life. Although a paper towel and some spray and wipe may be a handy answer to those one-off accidents, for consistent mess, many of us find ourselves looking for a different answer. Could dog nappies be it? Are dog diapers a good idea or are they just not worth the hassle? In this comprehensive guide, we'll answer your burning questions about dog nappies and why they might just be the game-changer both you and your beloved pet have been looking for.

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