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How to Wash Your Dundies®

Dundies Washing Guide Dundies Hacks
Dundies Stain Buster
Washing a reusable pet nappy might seem daunting but it is a lot easier than you might think! Here at Dundies® we have taken the guesswork out of it, so your pet can have fresh Dundies and your washing machine can be equally just as clean! Removing Solid Waste Remove any faecal matter from the Dundies before washing. Use a dog poop bag to dispose of the waste or flick it into the toilet and flush it. This method eliminates the use of plastic. Storing Soiled Dundies® Store your soiled Dundies® in a basket with holes in the sides to allow adequate ventilation - this is called "dry pailing". A laundry basket is perfect and will help prevent any bacteria growth. Pre-Washing Dundies®It's recommended for incontinence to put all your Dundies® through a pre wash every 1-2 days before your main load. This helps remove ammonia and helps your Dundies last longer. 1/2 a scoop of detergent, 30 min cycle, 60ºC Main Washing Dundies®This is where we are going to get all the blood, urine and stains out that were not removed in the pre wash. Add all your pre washed Dundies® from the dry pail into your washing machine. 1 scoop of detergent, 1 scoop of oxiclean, 2hr cycle, 40ºC Drying Dundies® The best way to dry your Dundies® is in the sun! You can use the dryer occasionally; we recommend a cold dryer setting Dundies® Puppy pads and whelping pads can be washed the same way as the nappies. We do not recommend putting the Belly Band shells and Snappie shells in the dryer, only their inserts. Over the years we have washed a lot of dirty Dundies® and learnt from the experts. Here are our top hacks for getting squeaky clean pet nappies & having a fresh washing machine. Puppy Poop Newborn puppy poop is water soluble before they start solids so if you are whelping a litter, Dundies Whelping pen pads can go right into the wash without rinsing if you don't want to rinse them. Dry Pails Air flow when storing dirty Dundies® before you wash them is really important. We love laundry baskets, mesh baskets or wet bags with the zipper open to store dirty Dundies® in! Fabric SoftenerDon't use fabric softener. It coats the fibres of the bamboo and cotton fabric inside your Dundies® and decreases absorbance over time.  Hot Vs Cold Washing A hot wash is recommended when washing Dundies® as it will help to leave your nappies clean and fresh, wash after wash. Hot water helps to relax the fibres of fabrics and allows the detergent to clean effectively. A cold or warm wash can work sufficiently if a powder-based laundry detergent that contains sodium carbonate is used.   Preparing Dundies®To boost the absorbency of your Dundies® All in one nappies and inserts you can soak them in a bucket of water overnight before the first use. For any other questions please ask us via email or join our Dundies VIP Group on Facebook Washing Powders Most washing powders will work sufficiently so long as you follow the dosage on the back of the box. These are some of our favourites that always give a good clean, as well as our favourite stain boosting cleaners. What Causes Stains?Poop is not rinsed off the Dundies® before dry pailing
The washing detergent is not strong enough
The laundry cycle is not using hot water
Using a nappy rash cream that is coloured
Feeding your dog lots of blueberries
Certain medications your pet might be taking
Using Laundry Soap Stain removers can help to remove stains. You can also soak your nappies in stain remover or try a spray on stain remover or laundry soap bar prior to your main wash. The SunThe sun naturally removes stains. Hanging your damp nappies in the sun to dry can lighten stains. Strip Soaking If you are getting nasty smells or have stubborn stains on your Dundies® after washing, you might want to strip soak them. In 10L of warm water add 1 scoop of washing powder and 2 scoops of laundry booster. Let the nappies soak for at least 3 hours. Remove them from the soak and add them to the washing machine for a heavy wash with 30ml of bleach. The bleach will denature any of the ammonia you have just stripped out. Hang your fresh Dundies® in the sun to dry. 

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