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We provide a range of premium reusable nappies and pet care products to protect your pet and your home.

Pet incontinence, female dogs in heat, spraying – all of these can be, well, a real mess.

And previously, these poor pets may have been banished outside (in some cases permanently, causing more issues) or worse, put to sleep far earlier than necessary.

At Dundies we understand the dilemma pet owners can face – being forced to choose between their beloved pet or protecting their valuable home.

Our dog nappies (or dog undies – hence the name ‘Dundies’) have been designed to keep pets with their families, for longer, by providing an easy solution to manage these difficult conditions.

We’re incredibly proud of our products, as they provide…

More Cuddles, Less Mess (and much less stress!).

It all started with Sophie...

Sophie is a bulldog pup who was scheduled for Euthanasia. Luckily, at just 6 weeks I found her, fell in love and simply had to take her on.

Unfortunately though, Sophie has Spina Bifida and despite the fact that she’s fully mobile, she was both urinary and bowel incontinent. As you can imagine, that made an awful mess inside.

Unable to bear the thought of banishing her to be an outside dog, and because she required a little more care than most pets, I created a nappy for her to wear.

A nappy that would help protect my home and keep Sophie comfortable – for more cuddles and less mess.


The problems with other dog nappies

Within a week of settling Sophie in at home, I started creating my own pet nappies.

Because it very quickly became apparent that all other products on the market, were just not suitable.

You see, I tried them all. Disposable, reusable and even baby nappies.They leaked, they caused rashes and ammonia burns and were made of poor-quality materials that made poor Sophie’s life truly miserable.

Finally, after several months of hard work plus a lot of trial and error, I hit the mark. At long last, I could help Sophie to be more comfortable.

Friends and family started noticing my dog nappy designs and asked if I could make them some too. And because I didn’t want any more animals to suffer, I decided it was time to take my designs to market.

Dundies was born

Why our dog nappies are different

Our dog nappies are the only nappies on the market who have been designed in consultation with veterinarians and pet health professionals.

They are four times more absorbent than others and feature beautifully soft bamboo fibres. Bamboo is well known for its superior breathability, absorbency, gentleness and anti-bacterial properties to keep your pet comfortable and healthy.

When you combine our two layers of bamboo with antibacterial microfibre terry and suede cloth, you achieve superior moisture wicking to keep your pet dry and a nappy that thermo regulates, ensuring your pet stays cool, even in the hottest of weather.

Greater peace of mind with zero leaks is guaranteed with medical grade waterproofing and a close, comfortable fit. They’re also UV, stain and scratch resistant.

Truly, an unbeatable product.



So, who am I?

So, who am I?

My name is Emily, proud owner of the mischievous and super cuddly pup ‘Sophie’.

I’m just a girl, who fell in love with a dog.

Wanting to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained and the unique products, this beautiful dog has inspired.

My determination to save and help my loveable pup, so she could lead the happiest and healthiest life possible, has lead me down a path to creating, what I believe, to be the BEST pet nappies on the market. And particularly, the Australian market.

I spent an entire year working alongside leading veterinarians and pet health professionals, designing and refining the style, the fit and the unique combination of materials – ensuring my product would fit any dog, of any breed and any size – with zero leaks and zero rashes.

I also spent many months with many different pets – testing my designs for durability, toughness and the ability to withstand sharp teeth and claws.

As a result, I’ve created a range of pet products that will give you and your family more cuddles with less mess (and far less stress).

Dundies dog nappies are incredibly easy to use and wash, economical to purchase and every stitch is quality checked right here in Australia, to ensure a reliable, long-lasting product.

It is my sincere hope that my products can enhance the quality of life for many pets and make their care easier for their dedicated and loving owners.



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