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Dundies VCP

Dundies Vet Clinic Partnership Program 

Healthy Pets, Happy Vets! Connecting clinics and their patients to safe and effective medical grade pet health and hygiene tools. 

Why Dundies? 

Dundies® is committed to making a positive impact on the world, and our company's goal is to reduce premature euthanasia rates in pets! Our passion comes from our founder, Emily's, own experience rescuing a bulldog puppy from euthanasia because the dog was incontinent. 

With 12 months of research and development behind our products, in active collaboration with vets, Dundies are proud to have developed a medical grade hygiene system that helps pets suffering from incontinence, and alleviates stress and mess for owners! 

Our Australian made pet nappies have been designed with materials that promote airflow and breathability, whilst being waterproof. The unique combination of natural fibres, including bamboo, make our products naturally antibacterial, reducing any risk of infection. 

In order to help our company achieve its goal of reducing premature euthanasia rates in pets suffering from manageable illnesses, Dundies often work with vet clinics to develop products that meet the needs of Australia's aging pet population - from mobility aids and support to other health tools. We are passionate about working with to help create products that increase the quality for our much loved pets!  

Benefits To Your Vet Clinic

- 20% commission earnt on referral sales 

- Dundies products to use in clinic on your patients 

- Free Dundies information flyers and screening tools for patients 

- Clinic listed on our websites upcoming directory

- Free access to all Dundies blog materials to use in your clinics newsletters 

- Free access to all Dundies digital media assets 

- Being part of an amazing network of clinics working towards a common goal of ending premature euthanasia rates in pets suffering manageable conditions 

- Increased client satisfaction by providing them with the tools they need to manage their pets health and increase their dogs quality of life  

How it Works? 

After you decide to come on board as a clinic partner we send out some information paperwork for you to sign so we can set you up in our system. You pay a refundable deposit for the sizing run of clinic nappies that we post out to you. If at any time you decided the Dundies Vet Clinic Partnership Program is no longer the right fit for your practice, simply post them back and we refund this deposit. 

Clinic Size Set 

Dundies will post out a full sizing set of our products, in the sizes you have selected, directly to your clinic along with flyers and information. These products are able to be tried on patients to gauge their correct size and also can be used in clinic on patients so you can see how they work. Incontinence and marking can be messy, and reducing that pile of towels for laundry at the end of the day is certainly a joy we love brining! 

Clinic Discount 

We set your clinic up with a unique discount code. This entitles the clinic to 20% off all orders.

When you have a client come into the clinic that you think will benefit from the use of Dundies products, you charge them RRP in clinic, and then place the order through our website using your unique clinic code. The 20% commision is then automatically made by the clinic, as you have already processed the transaction. 

Dundies then ships the product/s directly to your veterinary practice for your client to collect. Alternatively, we can also post directly to your patient. 

Access to Digital Assets

Being a part of the Dundies Vet Clinic Partnership Program also entitles your clinic to access and use our company's digital assets. From our blog copy to custom health graphics and cartoons - you are welcome to share it all. Having access to our consumer centric health information that is in our blogs can make newsletter writing for your clinic a much less tedious task. 

Dog overheating


If you have more questions or want to sign your clinic up to our Dundies Vet Clinic Partnership Program CLICK HERE to contact us. We are always more than happy to help!  Let's work together, and help change the world one pet at a time!  


Prefer to wholesale and stock Dundies products in clinic? We offer great discounts up to 50% off RRP for clinics who wish to stock some or all of our product ranges. CLICK HERE to sign up for a wholesale account. 

Why Use a Pet Nappy? 

  • Dogs on heat 
  • Pet incontinence caused by old age, medications or birth defects 
  • Special needs and rehabilitation cases 
  • Pets who mark inside 
  • Anxiety urination 
  • Alternative to a cone post desex to cover the surgical site 

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