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How to wash your pet's Dundies!

Removing Waste

Remove any faecal matter/poo from the nappy before washing. Pet poo, aside from  naturally fed newborn puppy poo, is not water soluble. Use a dog poo bag to dispose of the waste  or flick it into the toilet and flush it. This method eliminates the use of plastic. 

Selecting Detergent

You want to make sure you are selecting a great detergent that will remove all bacteria from your pets Dundies and also clean your washing machine at the same time. Dundies recommends OMO Ultimate or Regular washing liquid and washing powder.  Use 1 & 1/2 scoops/caps per load for all washing powders and brands.  Some great ones are: 

  1. OMO Regular 
  2. OMO Ultimate 
  3. OMO Sensitive (use 2 scoops) 
  4. Biozet Powder 
  5. Radiant Powder and Liquid 
  6. Ecostore powder 

Selecting an Oxy Clean is great for removing stains should they occur. We recommend Vanish. Some great ones are: 

  1. Vanish 
  2.  Sard 
  3. Home Brand 


Wash your dundies on hot wash of 40ºC and no more than 60ºC. If you are using Dundies for heat, COLD soak the inserts for 2hr in cold water and oxy cleaner, rinse then add to normal wash. This prevents blood stains setting in. Add all nappies to the washing machine. Secure the velcro and turn the nappu inside out so the white side is facing out. This prevents the velcro catching on other things or getting filled with washing fluf. Make sure your washing machine is set to a long cycle and washes for a minimum of 2hrs. This will help prevent ammonia building up over time. Add your washing powder and scoop of oxy cleaner to prevent stains. Wash. 


To dry Dundies it is recommended to line dry. Snappies and Belly Band shells dry very fast and can be placed on a clothes horse inside if needed. We don’t recommend using a dryer on these shells. AIOs and Inserts can be dried on the clothes line (recommended) or on a cool setting in the dryer. 

More Help 

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