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Dundies Duggie Pet Pram

Size Guide
Pet Nappy Sizing Guide



Don’t have a measuring tape? Download our free printable Dundies measuring tapes. 


Never guess your dog’s size, always measure. Most incorrect sizing comes from people guessing their dogs size, and their Dundies end up being too small.  If you need assistance with sizing please contact us, we are always more than happy to help. You may find the gallery at the bottom of this page helpful in seeing various dogs in their correctly sized Dundies. You can also see a visual and download our FREE PRINTABLE tape measures that are pre sized, taking the hassle out of calculating numbers. 

Waist Measurement  

This measurement indicates the length of the straps that go around your pet’s belly.  

Measure the waist of the pet. This is the orange line on our size chart below. Waist Measurements are also indicated on the FREE printable tape measures. 

Belly To Back Measurement 

This measurement determines how far up the nappy will sit on our pets back. If your pet is between sizes, preference this size! Always size up.  

This is the green line on the size chart. For more help with this measurement please see our Youtube video. Begin this measurement at the top of your pets back, where the waist measurement was taken, around their rump and in between their legs meeting back up at the waist point under the belly. 

Custom Sizes 

Have a pet outside of our size chart? Email or call us and we can custom create a nappy for you. 

If your dog, cat, lamb, goat etc doesn’t fit within our size chart, reach out and we can arrange a custom sized pair of Dundies. **No returns on custom nappies.** 

Select Size

Make your size selection based off your measurements. If you need help please visit the Dundies Size Support Centre where we can help you choose the perfect size nappy. 



Free Printable Tape Measures

Click on the buttons above the size chart to download the correct tape measure. There is a different tape measure for the nappies compared to the belly bands.

Open the PDF and print it at 100%.

Cut out your Dundies tape measure and tape it together.   

Measure your pet using the steps above. Waist for the belly bands and Waist and Belly to Back for the nappies. 

Use the handy key at the bottom of the page to write down your pets size. If your pets measurements fall between two sizes, always go with the bigger size. Dundies have full adjustability so you can always make them tighter around the waist, but you can’t make them longer! \

If you are ever in doubt, reach out! Were here via email, phone, facebook and instagram to help! 



The Dundies® Duggie – The Ultimate Pet Buggy

  • 60kg Weight Capacity
  • Fully Collapsible
  • Aussie Owned & Designed
  • Ripstop Fabric & Reinforced Mesh
  • Vegan Leather Handle & Cup Holder

Please Note – The Duggie is a large dog pram designed for taking your pets out and about and it may not fit through smaller front doors in older homes or apartment buildings fully assembled. The Duggie will need to be collapsed to bring indoors in these cases.

Comfort, Ease, Style.  

Dundies® Duggie - The ultimate pet buggy is the perfect pram to transport large dogs and multiple small dogs.  From senior pets who still love to get out but no longer have the mobility, to brachiocephalic breeds, disabled dogs and litters of pups, the Duggie is designed with all dogs in mind. Pet prams can be used to help you and your pet in an array of different situations. The Duggie helps you transport your pet effortlessly from vet trips to using public transport, cafe visits or an evening run, the possibilities are endless.

Dundies Classic Design. 

The Dundies® Duggie is unique to many large pet prams currently available on the market. Designed in Australia and manufactured in Singapore, we developed the Duggie to suite a wide variety of pets and owners. Keeping aligned with our business philosophy, the Duggie is ethically made and where possible, fabrics and elements of the pram and its packaging are made from recycled materials.

Duggie's Ultimate Design.

We don't cut corners here at Dundies®, so it's no surprise that our pet pram is packed full of extra features that you won't see anywhere else!

  • The Duggie has everything you need in a pet pram right to the core. The frame of the Dundies® Duggie is made from high grade black galvanised steel . Not only does this make the Duggie so much stronger than cheaper competitor prams, it gives the overall sleek look and longevity that we strive for at Dundies®.  Thanks to the amazing engineering and design of the frame, the Duggie can support 60kg of weight, so if you are transporting a large dog,  a pack of smaller dogs or an entire litter, the Duggie can carry them safely!
  • It folds flat! What is the point in creating an amazing pram so you can take your pet everywhere with ease, if you can't take the pram everywhere too? The Duggie easily folds flat for transport in the car or to slide under a bed for storage! It's so simple, just pop the handle off and push the sides in and your pram is ready to store!
  • The Duggie, unlike other three wheel prams you may have seen on the market, distributes weight evenly across its 6 wheels. 4 smaller wheels at the front and 2 larger wheels at the back. This weight distribution means you don't have to worry about the Duggie toppling over with your pup inside. The front wheels have full 360º rotation giving you smooth steering and the large rear wheels attach to an easy use foot brake bar. After running our test models, we decided to go for polyurethane tyres. Unlike air filled tyres, they can't puncture, so if you have a dog that likes to bite moving wheels, we have you covered! Rubber wheels although great because they didn't puncture, didn't have the shock absorbency like the polyurethane tyres, so if you were taking you dog for a jog in the Duggie, it would have been one rough ride!  The Duggie's Polyurethane tyres are ideal for walking, jogging and running on any surface without puncturing and providing your pet with a smooth stress free experience with their comfy cushioning. They are durable and low maintenance making them ideal for stress free pet care!
  • Ripstop canvas and and reinforced heavy duty nylon mesh are used in the prams body construction, so just like our nappies the fabric is light chew and scratch resistant. The Duggie also features high quality thick zippers around its three easy access doors! The cart body rides lower to the ground so you don't have to lift your dog in and out, they can easily enter and exit themselves from the front and rear full sized doors. The Duggie also features a small top entry point, perfect to open when transporting larger dogs so they can pop their head out the top or ideal for transporting litters to the vet. Simply reach in to access the puppy you need without them all making an escape out the larger doors. The Duggie has a large mesh surface area for optimum breathability, so even in the hottest of Aussie weather, when you are taking your pet out in the Duggie they have full air flow from all sides and the top of the pram.
  • Comfy cruising is made possible with the dual internal restraints and removable floor insert. Clip your pets in for extra safe travel. Need more restraints? Lift the removable floor pad and loop their leash around the bar in the bottom of the pram and then re install the floor pad. Fun fact, we have designed the Duggie to perfectly fit our Dundies Reusable puppy pads inside on the floor, so if you are transporting an incontinent dog, one who dribbles, or puppies who are not yet toilet trained, the puppy pads give your pram a boost of extra waterproof protection.
  • Now for the comfort of the human, we are the ones who are pushing and steering after all! Each Duggie comes with a removable cup holder so you can put it on your side of preference, left or right, or remove it all together. The H shaped solid bracket design across the back of the handle makes it strong and secure to push even at the maximum weight limit, and the Duggie offers two adjustable handle height options. Comfort meets style with our luxury vegan leather handles that feel not only great to hold but also look sleek and classic.

Travel in style and with ease with the Dundies® Duggie, the ultimate pet buggy! Free domestic shipping is provided on all Duggies.


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