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What is pet incontinence?

What is pet incontinence?

Pet incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine (sometimes faeces) from the pet. Incontinence most frequently affects middle aged and senior desexed female dogs, however can also affect non desexed dogs and pets both male and female. Incontinence can also be caused by neurological complications and birth defects and disabilities.  Always see your vet first if you think your pet is suffering from incontinence.  Around 80% of incontinence cases in pets are caused by weakened muscles around the bladder neck. This is called "Sphincter Mechanism Incompetence." The position of the bladder can also affect when a dog will become incontinent. When a dog is standing the bladder opening is upright, allowing better muscle control, however when the pet is laying down, the pressure on the bladder is greater, allowing urine to escape with more ease.      The first signs of incontinence are usually small, and symptoms can appear and disappear as the condition sets in. Early signs are urine spills when sitting or laying down, running or jumping.

Signs of pet incontinence   

1. Wet bedding or wet patches where your pet has been lying  2. Damp legs on long haired breeds  3. Excessive licking of the genital area  4. Smell of urine on the dog and their bedding  5. Rash or urine burns on the skin 


1. Muscle weakness  2. Senile senior pets whom are unaware they are passing urine  3. Kidney Disease and Diabetes 4. Problems in the bladder or urethra  5. Spinal and neurological abnormalities 6. Reaction to medications   7. Hormone levels in desexed females  8. Infections and illnesses  9. Extreme stress or anxiety  10. Post surgical incontinence   

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