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The Bum Behind the Brand - Meet Sophie

The Bum Behind the Brand - Meet Sophie

Dog Nappies.

It's a bit of an odd concept, but it was all born from my own need. My name is Emily and I am the owner and founder of Dundies, and pictured here with me is Sophie, the bum behind it all! The reason I started making dog nappies / dog diapers.

I saved Sophie at 6 weeks old from scheduled euthanasia because she has a condition called Spina Bifida. This leaves her completely incontinent, but in every other way she is totally normal. Miss Sophie is just 7 weeks old in this photo, rocking her first pair of Dundies®, the original prototype. 

I made the first prototype of Dundies over two years ago now, it's crazy how time goes by and just how much I have learnt with regards to correct materials. 12+ months of vet collaboration, research and design later, Dundies were launched to the market, 100% Aussie made! 

But why, dog nappies/dog diapers exist already and you can buy them cheap online?  

Because nothing worked for me! 

Baby disposables cost me a fortune and pet disposables were worse, $3 each! I go through 8 a day, so that's a lot of cash, $8760 if you add it up for the year! Not only were they expensive, they gave Sophie rashes and chemical burns. I was also concerned about my environmental impact. Disposables take over 500 years to break down in landfill and the thought of my own great, great, great grandchildren living on a planet with my dogs dirty nappies from 4 centuries ago is scary!

Cheap reusables are made with non-medical grade materials and they led to her having anal prolapse from drawing all the moisture too aggressively away from her skin, didn't breath and LEAKED EVERYWHERE! She almost needed surgery to repair the damage from these nappies/diapers.  I felt like the worst pet owner ever! Cheap microfibre caused bacterial build up in the nappy and led to urinary tract infections for Sophie. The mesh lining would catch on her back nipples and cause her skin to break open and they just were not absorbent enough so she would need changing every two hours. They never lasted a full night. I tried dog diapers from everywhere, all over the globe, UK, US, Australia and China. Nothing I found worked and I spent thousands buying nappies, thousands on vet bills sorting out UTIs caused by them and worst of all I felt so guilty that my poor pup was suffering! 

The research behind Dundies is unlike any other company on the global market and we are please to have produced a medical grade, breathable, waterproof dog diaper that will last the life of your pet and actually works! Something that is safe and healthy. I put so much effort into the behind the scenes work of our product because I used it EVERY SINGLE DAY! I hold your dogs health to the same standard as my own dog's health, and I never want any pet owner to experience what I had endured with my girl. 

Experience the Dundies Difference when you choose a medical grade nappy/diaper for your dog. (Or cat, or goat, or lamb. We cover all bums!)  

I can't personally thank each and every one of you for your continued support in Dundies, from sharing posts and leaving comments to purchasing and reviewing our products, it means so much to me!

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