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Dundies Waterflower All In One Nappy (AIO)

Size Guide
Dundies Sizing Guide

Measuring your pet is important to get the best fit for their Dundies® pet nappies. If you are unsure on size please contact us. We are always happy to provide support. We have fitted hundreds of different dogs with their Dundies nappies and are quite confident to say we are experts in dog bums!

Dundies instructional video to show you exactly where to measure your pet. 


Don't have a tape measure? Download our Dundies FREE Printable Tape Measure - Download Here

Dundies Size Chart

Snappies and All in One Size Chart

Belly Band Size Chart  

Dundies Belly Band Size Chart

How to Measure Your Dog 

Waist - This is measurement A 

Using your tape measure, measure around the waist of the dog where you want the nappy to sit. If your dog is a boy and you are measuring for a belly band, be sure to include his penis in the measurement.  

When taking this measurement leave room to move, you do not want the waist of your pets nappy too tight. The wasit on all Dundies products is adjustable, so you can always tighten them. 

Length ( Belly to Back) - This is measurement B 

This measurement is only needed for Snappies and All in Ones. As per the diagram, you are measuring from where you want the nappy to sit on your pets back, running it all the way along your dogs bottom, past their tail, through their hind legs and onto their belly. This is the overall length of the nappy. 

This measurement is important so that your dogs Dundies sit at the right height on their back, and don't sit too short like hipster jeans. 

Common Dog Breeds & Their Sizes

Dogs bottoms are not easy to guess the size of. A bulldog, like sophie in the video, wears a size large. This is because they have very wide bums, where as a greyhound that is a much larger dog, also wears a large because they have a more thin longer bum. This breed guide in conjunction with measuring your dog can help you determine the ideal size for your pet. Please keep in mind that these recommendations are based off standard size for that breed, so if you dog is larger than normal, is overweight or is underweight, it is always best to measure. Still stuck? Reach out, we are happy to help. 


American Staffy


Australian Shepherd




Border Collie 


British Bulldog 

Extra Large 

Bull Terrier 

Extra Large 






Extra Small

Cocker Spaniel 




English Staffy 


French Bulldog 


German Shepherd 

Extra Large 

Golden Retriever 

 Extra Large 

Great Dane 

Extra Large - Custom XXL



Jack Russell 





Extra Large


Small - Medium 

Miniature Schnauzer 







Extra Large 



Shih Tuz

Small - Medium 

Using The Free Printable Tape Measures

There is a different tape measure for the nappies compared to the belly bands. You can download them by clicking here. 

Open the PDF and print it at 100%.

Cut out your Dundies tape measure and assemble it with sticky tape.   

Measure your pet using the steps above. You will need to measure their waist and their back length. 

Use the handy key at the bottom of the page to write down your pets size. If your pets measurements fall between two sizes, always go with the bigger size. Dundies have full adjustability so you can always make them tighter around the waist, but you can’t make them longer. 

If you are ever in doubt, reach out! Were here via email, phone, facebook and instagram to help! 

Size: XS
Do You Need A Tail Hole?: Tail hole

This is a clearance item - purchasing this item in the EOFY sale means you agree to no exchanges or refunds, please reach out if you need help with sizing.

The All-In-One Pet Nappy Solution

Premium, fuss-free design to deal with those messy problems.


Dundies All-In-Ones are the one-piece pet nappy you need for:

 - Female dogs with both urinary and faecal incontinence.

 - Designed for ease of use, they’re perfect for overnight protection. They’re absorbent and breathable, and naturally anti-bacterial material will ensure you and your pet get a great night’s sleep.

 - No rashes, non-heating. Built to be comfortable in even the hottest Aussie Summer’s weather.


You can also use this fuss-free solution for faecal incontinence in male dogs too – however, you will need the additional Dundies Belly Band if you’re dealing with urinary incontinence as well.



Dundies® All in One Dog Nappy Fuss Free Features:

We don't mess around when it comes to providing the best for your pet! That's why all Dundies products are research and developed in consultation with leading vets and industry experts to ensure the best in safety, comfort & fit. 


  •  - The most absorbent nappy on the global market.

  •  - Made from Bamboo – so naturally antibacterial.

  •  - Lined with fabric that wicks moisture away from the surface of the pet’s skin keeping them dry.

  •  - Thermoregulating – your pet won’t overheat, even in the Aussie summer. (More info on this in our blog: Material matters)


Ideal for:

  •  - Female dog urine AND faecal incontinence.

  •  - Overnight protection.


Also used for:

  •  - Male dog faecal incontinence (if urinary incontinence is also present, you can use with our Belly Bands.


Comes with:

  • - 1x All-in-One Nappy.
Dundies Difference 

Less Cleaning, More Cuddling. 

Dundies® All in Ones are the most absorbent and environmentally conscious pet nappy on the market. We love to keep our  pets close, but sometimes their needs get messy!


Dundies® pet hygiene system provides you with stress free reliable protection which means less cleaning, more cuddling! The Dundies® Pet Health and Hygiene Solution Keeping Your Home Clean and Your Pet Comfortable. 


Dundies® come with or without a tail hole to provide ultimate protection for every pet. Select if you need a tail hole or not when choosing your size. 


The Original Dog Undies

Dundies® is an Aussie made, tried and tested product with all of our patterns and shapes uniquely design and drawn in house!


Dundies® All in Ones are a world first in stay dry bamboo absorbency giving you effortless cleaning and washing and a natural antibacterial pet health tool!


Our Dundies® are made from only the highest quality medical grade fabrics, with our external shell made from light chew and scratch resistant breathable fabric with anti fade colour. Dundies® are designed for pets and crafted for owners, whether it's the soft and secure elastics, easy fit Velcro, fast dry fabrics or unique comfort tail slit, our Dundies® cover it all, not just bums!


Female Nappies and Male Belly Bands. 

Regardless of the gender of your pet, Dundies® has a hygiene system for you!

Find the right nappy style here


 Our Snappies and All In One Dundies® are ideal for female dogs, cats, lambs, farm animals, male dog faecal incontinence and more! Our unique tail slit works to encase faecal matter, protecting your floors from pet mess without restricting the dogs tail causing discomfort and distress. Typical elastic tail holes can cause pressure sores and faecal leaking, Dundies® combats this issue nipping it right in the butt, or should we say tail!


 Our male belly bands have secure comfort cased elastic providing superior leak proof protection. Why do I need a male belly band? Typical dog nappies don't cover high enough under the dogs belly to encase the penis of the pet. Dundies® contoured Belly Bands battle this issue, providing owners with confidence knowing their pets are comfortable in our breathable medical grade products, and knowing their couches are safe.

All-In-One Technology

Dundies® Snap and Wipe System 

Enjoy all in one convenience with the most absorbent pet nappy / diaper on the market! This exclusive designed quad layer technology was developed by us to provide the ultimate moisture wicking and protection for dirty end of pet business. How it works?


  1. Velcro on the nappy securely on the pet
  2. When soiled removed the nappy
  3. Wipe the pet clean
  4. Put on a fresh pair of Dundies®


Each pair of All In Ones by Dundies® provide the ultimate in unrivalled absorbency with our quad layer technology. The innermost layer touching your pet is designed to wick away liquids keeping your pet dry. Our AIO core is made from only the best fabrics including our 100% organic bamboo ideal for thermoregulating, keeping your pets cool in the Australian summer. Bamboo is also antimicrobial reducing the risk of UTI development. Bamboo creates the best in comfort and absorption for your pets hygiene system. 


Strength Tested For Longevity.

Dundies® pet nappies / diapers have been designed and tested globally for over 12 months before coming to market.


Dundies® strive to provide you the best economics from your nappies because we care about pets, and not about profit! As owners ourselves who use Dundies® daily, we believe in making financial investments in the health of our pets.


Dundies® products are a superior medical pet device that helps owners provide the best hygiene and comfort for pets in the home. Dundies® unique fabric has been tested to ensure, with proper care, that your breathable and waterproof nappies are reusable wash after wash for a minimum of 5 years! That's over 900 wears!

Size Chart 

Sizes For Every Booty.

Dundies® cover it all! Tiny chihuahua and puppy bottoms through to those pooches with more junk in the trunk such as Great Danes and Mastiff breeds, Dundies® has a size for every backside.


Dundies Size Chart dog for dog nappy

Dundies Snappie Size Chart for Dog Nappies

Because Dundies® are exclusively designed by us and handmade Down Under, if you don't see the size of your pet, reach out! We can custom craft a pair of Dundies® nappies to suit your pet's needs. 

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