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Direct Factory Outlet Pets - Marshmallow from No Pup Cleft Behind

Direct Factory Outlet Pets - Marshmallow from No Pup Cleft Behind

Welcome to the direct factory outlet pet series. Here we showcase lovely rescue groups who take in pups that need that little bit of extra care. The ones with factory defects. In this blog we take a look into the life of Marshmallow, a special needs pup with a cleft palate from No Pup Cleft Behind rescue.  Marshmallow was born with a cleft palate and also has limb deformities in her front legs.   She was born naturally and her owner tried to keep her alive but unfortunately had no experience in tube feeding so by the time we were recommended to them she was quite sick with aspiration pneumonia which is a common illness in cleft palate puppies where the milk as gone through the hole in the top of their mouths and into their lungs. Marshmallow was given antibiotics and spent the first week with us in the incubator on oxygen therapy, she was tube fed around the clock and slowly regained her health and started putting on weight.  At about 4 weeks old it became apparent that something wasn't quite right with her front legs.  X -rays confirmed that Marshmallow had deformities in both of her front legs. Our Vet Nurse and co founder of NPCB [No Pup Cleft Behind], Kellie along with our vet, splinted her front legs for four weeks with weekly checks and splint changes.  This has improved her front legs dramatically and we hope it has improved enough that surgery won't be required. Marshmallow is now 10 weeks old and is still too small to have her cleft surgically repaired. She has been fully weaned and eats her biscuits normally and drinks water out of a rabbit bottle. We hope to get her big enough to undergo her cleft repair surgery so she can be adopted in the future.  Marshmallow has been enjoying peeing environmentally with our Dundies reusable puppy pads.  

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